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Welcome to my MTA SA scripts website. I made it because I want to have my own place to put my scripts and share them with you, so that you could use them in your server. I believe this is the best way I can contribute to MTA and its community.

I'd like to ask for your help too - you can help me by donating. I put lots of hard work into these scripts and I would be happy if I got a fair reward :)


2013-08-31 12:45

Added a single archive with all necessary files required for NPC HLC traffic for inexperiened users.

Also, it's been a while since I started my server, but I haven't written it here yet.
Server's website:
Topic in MTA forum: link
Server and website are not running 24/7 yet, but this will change if keeping a server turns out to be worth it.

2013-04-19 13:20

Changed the license to something that gives you more freedom in non-personal usage of the scripts. The old one had too many restrictions, I think.

As for the server, I'm not that far from finishing a simple version of my RPG gamemode, but I'm not working fast on it either, so I don't promise anything.

2012-12-16 01:35

In case you didn't know, Mod of the Year awards are taking place at ModDB. Please vote for MTA and help this great mod win!

2012-12-04 22:38

Nothing special this time, just corrected the link to the donations page in the second paragraph of this page :)

I still don't have much time to script on MTA, but things may change soon. I have an idea to start my own server, too. This seems to be all I have to say for now.

Edit: Added an advice related to asynchronous model loading in the page of NPC traffic resource.

2012-10-07 15:33

I am doing a research at the university to find out what people think about video games' effects on behaviour of players. I would like you to fill in the form (Update: link removed, no longer needed, thanks to everyone who participated).

There is something to tell about MTA too, but not much: I have more good ideas, but not enough time to do them in the near future.

2012-09-19 20:30

NPC high-level control, NPC task sequencer, NPC traffic, NPC traffic editor, Server Collisions, Airbrake and Traffic light sequence scripts have been released!

2012-09-16 19:31

Added documentation pages for most scripts. Also, I have some news: the good and the bad. The good news is, the things are almost done to release a beta version of NPC traffic. But the bad news is, I have to waste so much time on all kinds of useless things that I cannot do it now. I hope I will be able to release it in a week.

2012-08-14 01:15

Here's a video of ped traffic script which I'm working on:

2012-08-07 00:15

Released Lava flood script. Water becomes the lava. It rises and causes fires.

2012-07-07 00:05

Drawtag 1.1 has been released! The most important change is ability to spray on cars. Other changes include changing the size of the brush and the whole tag. In addition, drawtag_bc now saves and loads the tags, so they will stay in the server when you restart it.

2012-06-16 19:00

Fixed a minor Drawtag bug which didn't affect the gameplay.

2012-06-16 13:12

The website is open!

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